Shwe San Daw Pagoda


The Shwe Sandaw is a pagoda of great religious and historical significance. It was built by two merchant brothers Azzika and Phanllika with the help of King of the Dagons Etrapatha, King of the Ogres Sambhu and King of Devas Sakka on the Sudassanan Hill in Tabaung(Pisees) in Maha Eva 103 (March 589 B.C).

Construction work began on the 13th Waxing day of Tabung and was completed three days later, on the full moon day of Tabung. Seven cubits high, the pagoda was originally in the shape of paddy sheaths.

Enshrined in it are four strands of sacred hair as well as eight other relies of Gotama Buddha and it is believed that the pagoda was built as prophesied by lord Buddha and that it was built on this hill in which relies belonging to the three preceding Buddha.

The pagoda was rebuilt to assume the present shape and size by kind duttabaung, who founded Sirikhettare in the Sasana of 126.

The pagoda was renovated from time to tome by the Myanmar King of successive dynasties with the help of public.

King kyansitthar of Bagan visited the pagoda and paid obeisance to the images of lord Buddha there in Myanmar Eva 445(1083 A.D) and he got a brief history of the pagoda as well as a brief history of his life inscribed on a stone slab in Mon language and he had it erected on the northeast side of the lower portion of the pagoda. It is now preserved in a brick building constructed by the ministry of culture of the Union of Myanmar.

One significant fact connected with the pagoda is the existence of two umbrellas at the top of the pagoda and this makes this pagoda unique. All other pagodas in Myanmar have only one umbrella each. Bamar King Alaungpaya of the Konbaung dynasty captured Pyay from Mons in Myanmar Era 1116(1754 A.D) and when he got the hole of the pagoda gilded, he did not remove the umbrella placed by the Mons. However, he got another umbrella placed alongside of the old one, thus symbolizing the sealing of everlasting friendship, love and unity among the various national races of Myanmar.

Extensive damage was cause to the pagoda by earthquake while took palace 3 P.M on the full moon day of Wagaung, Myanmar Era 1221 and the quest of U Tha Ywe, a merchant of Pyay,King Mindon donated 20000 Kyats. Contributions in cash and two new umbrella were placed of the old ones.

With the best of wishes to all pilgrims and devotees.



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