Shwe Myethman Pagoda


Shwemyethman(Golden Eyeglasses) Buddha image is known is length and breadth of our country due to its peculiar appearance with spectacle and pas interesting historical events. Traditionally, it is believed that during the Pyu period, round about 4th century A.D, the founder of Srikhettara, Kind Duttabaung was his Queen and his retinue on the way to pay homage to renowned Shwenettaung Pagoda. They halted and took rest for a night just about a mile from the present site of Shwemyethman Buddha image.

Her Majesty Queen dreamed during the night that she happened to pay homage to a Buddha image, situated at some-where northeast side of their so jorum. So the king and all the retinue searched for that particular site. Finally, the King, the Queen and all of their followers surprisingly came into sight of twinkling flashes ascending to the sky from a place, at where the present Shwemyethman Buddha image exits.



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