Baw Baw Gyi Pagoda ( AD 6th-7th Century)


Baw Baw Gyi pagoda is one of the earliest pagoda in the history of ancient monuments in Myanmar. Built in early part of the Thayekhittaya Pyu period it is the earliest pagodas of this period. .

According to the oral tradition and old chronides the pagoda was built by King Duttabaung. Bearing the name Baw Baw it is mentioned in old chronides that the relies of the Buddha are enshrined in it. Judging by its architectural style, epigraphic evidences and terra cotta votive tablet is found in it environ the possible date of its building is A.D.5th Century. No stone inscribing describing its history has yet been found.

Except few places the whole cylindrical structure is constructed with bricks. In the tunnel are brick steps in the wall by which one can go up. Resting on the five terraces the pagoda measures 200 feet in height.

This pagoda is the prototype of ancient Myanmar pagodas. It is similar in design and shape to the Dammate of Sanarth In India and the Nga Kew Nadaung in Myanmar.



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