Akauk Taung Pagoda


The Second Anglo-Burmese war began in 1852.At the end of this war, a lot of territories were occupied by the British. However, Myanmar King still retained the rest. Akauk Taung,a hill at the brim of the river Ayeyarwaddy ,became the demarcation-line. Myanmar and British toll-posts were situated on it, side by side.

All boatmen had to pay tax to both posts. Accordingly, Akauk –Taung, a toll-hill in Myanmar language, was the gateway for boats and ships alike. Occasionally a week-long whirlpool occurred in the river. For this reason, all sailing boats anchored close by the hill and waited till it ceased. During such period, the sailors prayed to God by carving Buddha images on the face of hill-side.

Gradually their routines became a wide-spread custom and so Buddha images increased immensely. The images submerge half in the river water during the rainy season. In the hot and dry season, they appear in full view. It is the best time for the visitors to have a look. All pilgrims can take remarkable photographs only from the boat the prow of which is dashing against the strong current in the middle of the river Ayeyarwaddy. The two small-sized and big-sized “Boom-Boom-water-falls” attract most tourists as a magnet.



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